Gigaset GL590

Gigaset GL590

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Easy to use GSM clamshell phone for the elderly with comfort features and SOS-function
  • Large illuminated keys and an easy-to-read display
  • Three direct dialling keys and an SOS emergency call function
  • Talking keypad
  • Extra-high call and ringer volume
  • Exceptional sound quality when making calls
  • Very long battery life
  • Compatible with hearing aids
  • Handy functions such as dual SIM + microSD, camera, Bluetooth, calculator and FM radio

Buttons, display and sound tailored to your needs

Are you looking for a mobile phone that allows you to communicate flexibly as you go about your everyday life? Do you just want the features you need without all the bells and whistles? The Gigaset GL590 is incredibly easy to use, especially for those with hearing and vision difficulties, thanks to its easy-to-read display and a large talking keypad that repeats each number that has been pressed back to the user. This mobile phone for seniors is also compatible with hearing aids, and the adjustable ringer and call volume can be set extra high so you can always hear comfortably. You can even make calls in hands-free mode if you're busy doing something else while you make the call. The flip phone measures just 12.5 cm when it's closed — small enough to fit in any pocket.

Stay safe on the go with an SOS button and speed dial buttons

Along with its impressive functionality and ease of use, the Gigaset GL590 offers you one thing in particular: peace of mind. Feel safe in the knowledge that you can call your most important contacts at the touch of a button. Simply save the phone numbers of your family members, neighbours or doctor on one of the three speed dial keys (A, B, C). The SOS button on the front of the phone can be used to call up to five contacts one after the other until someone answers. You can also send automated personalised emergency SMS messages at the touch of a button, plus the alarm function will alert people in the immediate vicinity if you are in distress.

Your GL590: the perfect companion for everyday life

Despite its compact size, the Gigaset GL590 still features a clear keypad and a 2.8-inch colour display — this makes it super handy and functional, allowing you to easily control many extra functions such as the camera, calendar, FM radio, Bluetooth and calculator. The battery guarantees up to 10 hours of talk time or 550 hours of standby time, so you're always available even on longer trips. And when you do eventually have to charge your phone, simply use the fixed charging station — no need to search for the right cable or plug each time!

The Gigaset life series: The best technology for every stage of your life

Whether it's being able to give you loved ones a quick call if your doctor's appointment takes a little longer than expected, being able to take calls while you're out shopping or the peace of mind of knowing you can call for help at any time — being able to communicate easily from anywhere is important for everyone, but especially the elderly. The life series from Gigaset offers a wide range of products specially tailored for seniors. One example is the Gigaset GL590: The second model in this series is an intuitive flip phone that makes it easy to call your loved ones on the go. Discover a whole host of useful features to keep you mobile at any age.

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Gigaset GL590

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