Gigaset IP BASE


Gigaset IP BASE

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The user-friendly base station for professional telephony
  • IP based telephone base station for up to 6 DECT handsets
  • Supports an exceptional sound quality HDSP™ call with the G.722 codec
  • Convenient set-up with the iF Design Award-winning web configurator
  • Simultaneous calls: 4 VoIP calls + 2 answering machine recordings
  • 4 simultaneous VoIP calls
  • Access to Google and Office 365 contacts - 1,000 entries each
  • Central phone book for up to 500 entries
  • 3 local answering machines with individual time control
  • Notification of new messages both via Gigaset HX handsets as well as via the Gigaset Web Configurator
  • Listening to voice messages directly via Gigaset HX handsets

Professional and user-friendly: The Gigaset IP BASE

Are you looking for a telephone system for your home, home office or small offices? Here it is: With the Gigaset IP BASE, you can enjoy calls in the best HD sound quality thanks to Internet telephony (VoIP). Up to six IP-based numbers can be set up with the CAT-iq base station ("Made in Germany"), which is manufactured in Germany. Four calls can be made simultaneously. The phone book has space for 500 entries, and thanks to the integration of Google and Microsoft 365 accounts, an additional 1,000 contacts can be added. This base station also gives you a lot of flexibility in other ways: register up to six DECT handsets, which can be positioned anywhere in your living or working area.

Simple and intuitive: The Gigaset IP BASE web configurator

Now it's time to get started: Put the Gigaset base station into operation immediately with the help of our iF design award-winning web configuraor. It enables quick configuration and commissioning - conveniently via PC, smartphone or tablet. User-friendliness is the top priority. For the initial setup, the "Gigaset Onboarding Assistant" guides you through language and country selection, setting up SIP lines and registering handsets. You won't lose track at any time, operation is completely intuitive: DECT and VoIP connections are set up just as easily as call diversions and DECT repeaters. Quite simply, completely customised to your needs.

Award-winning and practical: The IP BASE combines aesthetics and functionality

Looks good: The web configurator of the Gigaset base station impresses with its great design, which is completely customised to the needs of the user. Incidentally, it's not just us at Gigaset who think so, but also the International Forum Design, which presents the iF Design Award, a prestigious design prize. The web interface of the Gigaset IP BASE was honoured, and the design of the completely revised web user interface was particularly appreciated. Because that's what good design is all about: It is geared towards your requirements, with more intuitive and fresher features that make it very easy for you to set up this base station. Keeping in touch can be so nice - and so can making calls.

Digital and functional: three answering machines for business and private calls

Has it just rung? Answering machines also answer the phone when you're not there or don't have time to make a call. The Gigaset IP BASE has not just one, but three digital answering machines, each with a recording time of 30 minutes. Sounds good? It is: Three answering machines make many things easier, for example, private and business calls are clearly assigned. You can also assign your own phone numbers and answering machines to colleagues, employees or family members. This works very well and you will soon no longer want to be without it. The answering machines can be operated via the web interface or via the Gigaset HX handset. So it's very convenient.

Active and activated: Customise your daily routine with the IP BASE

It's all a question of time: some people want to make calls early in the morning, others during breaks or late at night. With the Gigaset IP BASE, you won't miss any of these calls - and you can decide for yourself whether and when to take them. Our excellent web configurator helps you to do this: It allows you to control the answering machines of your base station individually. You can even configure the message and recording announcements at 15-minute intervals for each day of the week. Calls after business hours or at the weekend are automatically diverted to the answering machine. Special message announcements or the length of recorded messages can also be defined. Just the way you want it.

Perfect and precise: The contact management of the Gigaset IP BASE

We stay in touch! You often hear that - but it's not always easy. The Gigaset IP BASE helps you to keep in touch: In addition to the local phonebooks of the connected Gigaset HX handsets, up to 500 entries can be stored in the central phonebook. If there are even more names and numbers in your phone book: Thanks to the seamless integration of Google and Microsoft 365 accounts, 1,000 additional contacts can be stored in each. With our web configurator, you can start calls from your PC and make them on the handset: Simply click on the phone numbers. This way you remain flexible and always have all the numbers to hand. Pretty user-friendly, isn't it?

Secured and blocked: Do not disturb protects you from harassment

Some calls make you happy, others not so much: Gigaset call protection helps you block unwanted calls. Unfortunately, unwanted advertising or scam calls are on the increase. But you can block them. This significantly reduces nuisance calls and protects your privacy. It's very simple: With Gigaset call protection, you can add up to 1,000 numbers to the block list - calls from these numbers are then automatically blocked. You also have the option of blocking anonymous calls. This means that if someone calls you without providing a phone number, they can also be blocked. So simple, so secure.

Flexible and compatible: The IP BASE is the perfect base station for you

Make calls whenever and wherever you want? With the Gigaset IP BASE, this works perfectly, whether at home, in the home office or in small offices. Connect up to six Gigaset HX handsets, you can make internal calls and up to four calls in parallel. It is best to distribute the handsets in several rooms, in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or workspace. This guarantees that you always have a device to hand. As the Gigaset IP BASE is connected to the router via LAN, you can set it up in a place with the best wireless coverage. And if you need more range, simply integrate a Gigaset DECT repeater into the system.

Technical details


General settings
Article name
Gigaset IP BASE
General features
Telephone numbers (IP)
Calls in parallel (IP)
DECT Standards
DECT | GAP | CAT iq 2.0 | CAT iq 2.1 | SUOTA (Software update over the air)
Interfaces internal
LAN Port
Autom. reduction of transmission power | Radiation-free in standby mode | Low energy consumption
Answering maschine
Additional features
Phonebook # entries (name / number)
Call block function
Blacklist (number of entries)
Anonymous call suppression
Number of Expandable Handsets
Number assignment for incoming and outgoing external calls
Number assignment for incoming and outgoing internal calls
Free internal calls
Answering machine
Recording time up to … min.
90 (total)
Number of answering machines
Answering and recording function
Answering function only
AM control
Via handset & base
Remote Querying
Multilingual phrases in local languages
Languages answering machine
Dimensions / Specs
Base station, H x W x D in mm
105 x 132 x 46
Base station, weight in mm
  • Integration of Google and Office 365 contacts with up to 1,000 entries each (updated every 15 minutes)
  • Web configurator for commissioning the language and country settings, VoIP connections and DECT handset registration
  • Configuration of the answering machine and listening to messages in the web configurator (can be set at 15-minute intervals for recording and message announcements)
  • Call list for up to 1,000 entries incl. search function (name and phone number) in the web configurator
  • Answering machine language settings: 7 languages (DEU, ENG, SPA, FRA, ITA, NLD, TRK) can be set via download, including the option of uploading pre-recorded greetings
  • Wall mounting
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