Gigaset PURE 100

Gigaset PURE 100

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For undisturbed conversations: With the Gigaset PURE 100, you block disturbing calls and enjoy reliable as well as simple telephony.
  • Call block key for blocking up to 25 phone numbers
  • Illuminated display
  • Phonebook for up to 50 contacts
  • Function key for quick access to flash, mute, silent or redial function
  • Hearing aid compatible

It's that simple: make undisturbed calls with the Gigaset PURE 100

We need to talk: Communication is important for human interaction. Only those who talk, listen and tell stories understand the other person. This is possible in a direct conversation and also works on the phone. And it's very simple: the Gigaset PURE 100 is an easy-to-use landline phone for uncomplicated telephony and with effective call protection. It is manufactured in Germany ("Made in Germany") and impresses with its high quality and outstanding price-performance ratio. The PURE 100 is a safe and reliable everyday companion.

How call protection works: the call block button on the PURE 100

Who is calling? Some calls are welcome, others not so much. And others you would prefer not to answer at all. But you don't have to: the practical call block button on the Gigaset PURE 100 protects you from unwanted calls. You can put up to 25 numbers on a block list - simply by pressing a button. This makes phoning even more fun! And it also protects you from telemarketing, spam or inappropriate callers. The call block button gives you control over all calls and protects your privacy.

Seen like this: The illuminated display of your phone

Many things look completely different when viewed in the light. Even your phone: The illuminated display of the Gigaset PURE 100 is a sight to behold. It ensures that you can recognise phone numbers and names at all times. Important information such as the battery charge indicator, date and time as well as the call duration display can also be read at a glance. This is particularly practical at dusk or in darker rooms: the display is bright enough to be easy to read. At the same time, the soft light is easy on your eyes. And that in turn is very pleasant.

So practical: the phone book on your phone

Want to stay in touch? That's often easier said than done. But the Gigaset PURE 100 helps: its integrated phone book has space for up to 50 contacts. This means you always have the phone numbers of your friends, family or business partners to hand - conveniently and without the hassle of paperwork. A practical side effect: the name of the caller is shown on the display as well as the number for saved contacts. And if you want to call someone yourself: Pressing the lower navigation button gives you direct access to the phone book.

So reliable: The answering machine of the Gigaset PURE 100A

It's there when you're not: The answering machine of the Gigaset PURE 100A takes care of your calls when you don't have time or are travelling. It can record messages from family, friends or customers for up to 25 minutes. So you don't miss a thing and decide for yourself when and where you want to listen to your calls: on the handset, at the base station or remotely. It is very easy and intuitive to operate, and nothing is lost even in the event of a power failure: the recordings are backed up indefinitely.

So much more: Other practical functions of the PURE 100

At Gigaset, we are constantly working to make your phone calls even more enjoyable. We pay attention to every detail, such as the five-stage adjustable handset volume. The hearing aid compatibility. Or the ten pre-installed ringtones in five volume levels (plus off and crescendo function). Another practical feature is the function key, which allows quick access to the flash, mute, silent or redialling functions. And if your calls take a little longer: With a talk time of up to 14 hours and a standby time of up to 180 hours, the PURE 100 has plenty of staying power.

So flexible: Reachable anywhere with compatible handsets

Cordless phones are practical. In everyday life, however, they are not always located where you are. So what do you do if you're in the basement but the doorbell rings at the office? The solution is very simple: the Gigaset PURE 100 can be easily expanded to a total of four handsets. You can set these up anywhere in your home. More compatible handsets means more flexibility. Whether in the kitchen, bedroom or home office, you always have a device to hand.

This is how environmentally friendly and radiation-free the Gigaset PURE 100 is

Cordless phones are environmentally friendly. This is due to the ECO DECT technology developed by Gigaset. But what does that mean? The PURE 100 is economical in terms of power consumption and radiation-free in standby mode. If you have several Gigaset handsets in use, of course. During calls, the transmission power automatically adapts to the distance between the handset and the base station. The shorter the distance, the lower the radiation. ECO DECT mode can also be deactivated at any time to utilise the maximum DECT range.

Here's how to get started: What's included in the scope of delivery

Unpack and make calls: Thanks to the Plug & Play set-up, you can use your PURE 100 straight away. The scope of delivery includes:

  • 1 handset
  • 1 base station
  • 2 AAA rechargeable batteries
  • 1 battery cover
  • 1 mains adapter
  • 1 telephone connection cable
  • 1 Quick start guide
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