Gigaset Repeater HX


Gigaset Repeater HX

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This repeater makes for truly mobile communication.
  • Secure connection with DECT encryption
  • Amazing voice transmission with HD voice (CAT-iq)
  • Automatic handover
  • Supports the new ETSI repeater standard (ETS300700 V2.1.1)

More coverage for DECT telephones

The new Gigaset Repeater HX doubles the DECT range of Gigaset base stations, for interruption-free calls with perfect voice quality across floors and throughout large premises.

Ready for the future

As is the case with all Gigaset HX universal handsets, the additional implementation of the CAT-iq standard ensures compatibility with DECT/CAT-iq routers that support the new ETSI repeater standard (ETS300700 V2.1.1).  This means that the Gigaset Repeater HX is prepared for use with future generations of routers.

Features for increased security

The new early encryption feature means that every call is encrypted before being transmitted. This ensures a particularly high standard of security for telephony at work or at home. The rekeying feature—changing the session key or the encryption key for a call in progress—ensures additional data security. The Gigaset Repeater HX continuously modulates the security key during a call. The device also supports software updates via air interface (SUOTA). With these technologies, the Gigaset Repeater HX meets the latest standards of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

Technical details


Article name
Gigaset Repeater HX
General features
  • Secure DECT connections
  • Encryption before transmission
  • Rekeying - security key is constantly updated during a call
  • Full support for VoIP telephony
  • Automatic call transfer with standard DECT/ CAT-iq routers
  • Two simultaneous calls per repeater
  • Backwards compatible with the Gigaset Repeater 2.0
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Gigaset Repeater HX

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