Gigaset Wireless Fast Charger 2.0


Gigaset Wireless Fast Charger 2.0

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Fast wireless charging with the charging pad.
  • Up to 15W* wireless charging
  • Soft touch surface prevents scratching and slipping
  • Supports charging with protective covers**
  • Timelessly stylish and discreet design
  • LED indicator light
  • Works according to Qi-standard

Fast and convenient charging without a cable

The Gigaset Wireless Fast Charger 2.0 allows you to charge your Gigaset smartphone without the hassle of connecting the device to a power socket via a charging cable. The advantage of wireless charging via induction is that the charging pad is always ready and the smartphone is simply placed on it - and the charging process begins. Even if the smartphone is equipped with a protective cover.

Not only chic, but also safe

The Gigaset Wireless Fast Charger 2.0 looks stylish and has a slim design. It is also light as a feather and can therefore be easily taken to the office or on trips. The soft touch surface is pleasant to the touch and also prevents the charging smartphone from scratching and slipping. Small rubber studs on the underside ensure a stable stand. The charging pad is equipped with overcurrent, overtemperature and overvoltage protection.

* Depends on the used power supply.

** Depends on the used protective cover.

Technical details


General settings
Article name
Gigaset Wireless Fast Charger 2.0
General features


  • Diameter: 10 cm
  • Thickness: 1,4 cm
  • Weight: 122 g


  • USB interface: Type-C

Power Performance

  • Input: 5V / 3A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1,5A
  • Output: Up to 15W*
  • Frequency: 10 - 205 kHz
  • Standby power: <300mW

Operating Environment

  • Humidity: Up to 90%
  • Temperature: 0° C up to +30° C

Scope of supply

  • 1x Gigaset Wireless Fast Charger
  • 1x USB Type-C cable
  • 1x User manual

Please note: Due to environmental reasons additional power supply unit is not included.

Other features / functions

  • Over-current protection (OCP)
    Automatic adjustment of the charging current; over current protection switches off if current is excessive
  • Over-temperature protection (OTP)
    Automatically detects temperature while charging and cuts off the current when it comes to the warning temperature
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Gigaset Wireless Fast Charger 2.0

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