Gigaset smartphones for business customers with a wide variety of customisation options

Your employees' requirements for the smartphone they use in their everyday working life can vary greatly depending on their sector and role. Gigaset allows you to tailor your smartphones to your needs — from specific features to phones in your company colours, phones engraved with text or your company logo to accessories and personalised services. Even for small batch sizes!

Smartphones made in Germany

It's all made possible thanks to Gigaset's "Made in Germany" production process. Gigaset is the only European company that produces smartphones in Germany. The smartphones are manufactured on state-of-the-art production lines in the familiar Gigaset quality. More than 63% of the added value is generated in Germany. Another advantage is that we can repair the smartphones — even the individual components, if necessary. This is cost-effective, sustainable and helps you to avoid losing your data.

    Ways to customise your company smartphones:

    Customised smartphone housing

    Choose your favourite from the wide range of Gigaset smartphones. Select the technical features that are most important to you. When it comes to design, Gigaset has a lot to offer: Do you prefer an elegant design with a stylish glass back, or perhaps a striking metallic finish? Materials with excellent non-slip properties are also bound to be popular among those working in difficult conditions. Choose from a wide range of colours! You can also customise your company smartphones with your company colours and you can even add an engraving of your company's logo. This helps to identify employees as part of your company and can also protect your devices from theft.

      Customised software

      Now let's talk about the internal qualities of the phones, the software. You can specify how you want the home screen to look and which apps you want to have pre-installed. Select your desired settings and details for device management. You can even install your own wallpapers and ringtones. And if a specific sound is a key part of your company's brand, you can add this to your smartphones too.

        Customised accessories

        Would you like your company smartphones to come with a screen protector already applied? Or to come with headphones? Choose your favourites from the model-specific range of accessories. We will put together your custom bundles. Gigaset also offers optional agreements on specific services. Last but not least, you can even choose how you want the packaging to look — so that your employees get the full brand experience, right from the moment they receive their phones. What's more, Gigaset packaging is made from more than 90% recycled paper. There are no plastic elements or adhesive seals. This is our way of helping to protect the environment.

          Useful features for a variety of everyday situations in the workplace


          A powerful processor ensures you can run multiple applications smoothly and simultaneously, as well as save large amounts of data quickly.


          The long battery life and power saving mode guarantee a long talk time.


          If your battery needs an energy boost, the quick-charging function helps you get back to work and back in touch with your colleagues as soon as possible.


          Wireless charging makes it quick and easy to wirelessly charge your device using an inductive charging station — and without having to rummage around for the right cable.


          The dual SIM function allows you to use two phone numbers simultaneously. The same smartphone can be used to make phone calls using either a private or company mobile service.


          The dual SIM slot also offers space for an additional memory card, meaning that you can store even more photos and videos, for example.


          A large notch display ensures an almost unrestricted field of view and good legibility.


          The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 cover glass has a  scratch-resistant and dirt-repellent surface and is robust enough to withstand thermal shocks unscathed.


          The display automatically adapts to daylight, making it easy to read, even in particularly bright conditions.


          NFC (Near Field Communication) lets you pay using your smartphone while travelling or working on the go.


          USB On-The-Go (OTG) technology turns your smartphone into a power bank so you can charge external devices using your smartphone.


          The Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) connection standards ensure a fast connection and the best voice quality for calls.


          Intelligent face recognition and a fingerprint sensor enable users to unlock their phones securely, quickly and easily without the need for complicated passwords. Protect your confidential company data.


          Robust design for extreme conditions in the workplace: With a metal frame and reinforced two-component injection-moulded housing made of TPU, the smartphone is both waterproof and resistant to dirt and impacts.

          Gigaset smartphones — the highlights:

          Our service promise — "Made in Germany", by Gigaset!

          Fast delivery thanks to production and logistics processes located in Germany

          Top quality thanks to standardised human-machine interaction — 70% automation

          Increased flexibility and variety for partners and major customers

          More comprehensive and extendable services — up to five years

          Improved sustainability and lower carbon footprint — green thinking!

          Increased customer satisfaction thanks to comprehensive service and support

          Acquire new customers thanks to a unique product — flexible and customised

          The Gigaset Professional sector has many years of B2B experience