Why “made in Germany” is a success story

This German success story begins abroad: in the 19th century a designation of origin was introduced in Great Britain as protection against supposedly inferior imported goods from Germany. But what was meant as a warning soon turned out to be a seal of quality: it was not only the British who recognised the benefits of German products, but the “made in Germany” seal set out on its success across the world.

From Germany to the whole world

Our success story is closely linked to the “Made in Germany” quality seal. Since 1941 Gigaset has been producing in the town of Bocholt, on the lower Rhine close to the German-Dutch border. For 25 years we have been selling cordless phones throughout the world, manufactured at home in Germany. Around 500 employees develop, design, produce and sell innovative phones and, since 2018, smartphones. This makes Gigaset the only European company to produce such communication products in Germany. For this consistency we received the special “German traditional brand” award in 2019. This means that Gigaset is among the who's who of the German economy, and the company assumes responsibility for its customers, partners and employees. This success is also "made in Germany".

Continuity through quality

A number with seven zeros: in 2020 the 220-millionth Gigaset phone was manufactured, our products have been given awards many times, we sell worldwide, and we are trusted by millions of our customers. And this has been the case for decades: Gigaset is a traditional German brand. We manufacture our products in Germany with German engineering know-how, and we rely on the highest level of quality and longevity. This promise also includes the continuous development of our products and production methods: at the Gigaset factory in Bocholt people and machines work together to modern Industry 4.0 production standards for which the “Factory of the Year” award has been bestowed several times. Our quality tests are also innovative: before our products go into series production we subject them to extensive product tests. This allows us to guarantee that you will enjoy your “made in Germany” Gigaset device for as long as possible.

Good for you, good for the environment

Beauty is within, as we know, but the outside is also quite impressive: our phones look good, and their transport cases look good too. More than 90 per cent of Gigaset packaging is made from recycled material; moreover, wherever possible we do not use plastic elements, we package with minimal resources, and we use waste paper made of grass fibres. You can even compost our grass paper! However, the energy balance of our devices is just as important: thanks to ECO DECT technology we have been able to significantly reduce the power consumption of Gigaset phones. In production, we rely on green electricity and the environmentally conscious use of resources, and the batteries of some smartphones are replaceable. After all, environmentally friendly production and materials are also "made in Germany".

Of long lines and short delivery routes

Some people believe in long lines, we rely on short delivery routes: Gigaset phones are manufactured in Germany, and we also ship them from Germany. This is a unique selling point in the telecommunications industry, which we also know how to use. At the ultra-modern Gigaset factory in Bocholt, people and machines work hand in hand, which makes us faster, more flexible and more effective. Special requests are also possible; we call this service “production on demand”. You can select your desired product in the Gigaset webshop, and we will send it directly from the Gigaset warehouse in Bocholt. Thanks to our central location in the heart of Europe, we can respond quickly, unlike manufacturers from Asia, for example. “Made in Germany” is also a clear location advantage.

All-round security: the Gigaset service promise

Because we place particular value on service and quality, our “made in Germany” smartphones are now automatically available with the attractive Gigaset service promise. This means that, in addition to our general 24-month manufacturer warranty, you are able to enjoy simple and hassle-free "made in Germany" quality: 

  • 3-month repair service for breakage and moisture damage at our production site in Bocholt, as well as at other service centres in Germany. This ensures quick processing, so you will never have to be without your smartphone for long.

Repaired and renowned

A new phone every year? What for some is a question of lifestyle is for others economic and ecological madness. This is also why at Gigaset we pay great attention to the quality of the devices. Most of our products are in use for years: they are loyal companions in your day-to-day life. And if there are ever any problems with them, you can send them to us at any time. We repair directly at the Gigaset factory in Bocholt: it is quick and resource-saving, and you will have your devices back in just a few days. The renowned technology magazine CHIP gave our customer service top marks, and Gigaset is considered to be one of the best telecommunications manufacturers with outstanding service and repair. Because here, too, “made in Germany” is a seal of quality.

Think socially, act fairly

Successful experiences are only fun if everyone benefits from them: for us, social responsibility starts directly on site, at our company location in Bocholt. It is where we develop, design and manufacture our phones and smartphones, and where we currently offer 550 people a job with a future. Thanks to innovative manufacturing methods we can produce at the same cost as in Asia, but in fair working conditions. This is also why Gigaset is popular and in demand as an employer and company that trains its employees. After the completion of our service we continue to assume our responsibility: Gigaset is firmly anchored in Bocholt's urban life, and we have been supporting activities in the region for many years. So whenever we talk about “made in Germany”, we also mean “made in Bocholt” to some extent.

Taking responsibility for the world of tomorrow today

Gigaset focuses not only on today’s important tasks, but also those of the future. The need for action is great: climate change and a shortage of resources are huge challenges. Measures to protect the environment cannot be postponed any longer. Change in our society also plays an important role: demographic changes, the protection of personal rights and the fight against social inequality. With the "Fair for Future" seal of attentiveness and its website, Gigaset is documenting its efforts and successes in addressing important challenges of the future.

Our top sellers "made in Germany"

  • The exclusive telephone offers a broad spectrum of practical accessibility functions for people with special needs.
    Talking dialling keys
    Voice announced caller (number or name)
    Direct call transfer via Bluetooth® (4.2) to hearing aids and headsets
    Protection against unwanted calls, telephone advertising and fraud attempts
    Automatic adjustment of ringer and handset volume in noisy environments
    Optical call signalling
    Four direct dialling keys (A, B, C, D)
    SOS function for triggering a predefined emergency call in an emergency
    Automatic call acceptance with hands-free function in emergency
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  • Cordless phones for analogue connection