Those who rely on short delivery routes enjoy products for a long time

Where did Gigaset come from? And where are we going? We answer these almost philosophical questions in this section. We produce our technical devices in Germany, and we repair and ship them to and from Germany. That's good for us. And good for you.

Beginnings in Bocholt

Bocholt is located on the lower Rhine, near the German-Dutch border. The town is known for its historic town hall and the silver beech in its coat of arms, and has been awarded several times the title of Germany's most bicycle-friendly city. The Gigaset factory is also located in Bocholt, where we manufacture our products: in 2020 the 220-millionth telephone will roll off the production line. In the field of smartphones, we are even the only manufacturer in Germany. But “made in Germany” is not only a unique selling point for us: it also offers huge advantages.

Of people and machines

In the ultra-modern Gigaset factory, people and machines work hand in hand. This makes us faster, more flexible and more effective, which also allows us to fulfil many special requests. We call this service “production on demand”. Thanks to our central location, we can supply our customers all over the world within a very short time. “Made in Germany” is therefore not just a sales slogan for us, but a clear location advantage.

Dedication ex works

As a customer, you can benefit directly from this: you want a customised smartphone? No problem, we can personalise it for you at our plant in Bocholt, with your name, a quote or a dedication. You can also have your company logo engraved. And should you ever have problems with your Gigaset device, you can send it to us at any time: we don't throw faulty devices away - we repair them ourselves down to component level. “Made in Germany” means not only service, but also sustainability.

Regional yet central

Short distances, long service life: at Gigaset we focus on quality and endurance, and most of our devices are in use for years. At the Gigaset webshop you can choose your desired product from our entire portfolio, and we will ship it directly from our warehouse in Bocholt. Gigaset products are optimally packaged as resource-efficiently as possible, and we work together with regional suppliers for shipping and packaging. “Made in Germany” not only offers variety, but also stands for quality from Germany.

Our top sellers "made in Germany"

  • The exclusive telephone offers a broad spectrum of practical accessibility functions for people with special needs.
    Talking dialling keys
    Voice announced caller (number or name)
    Direct call transfer via Bluetooth® (4.2) to hearing aids and headsets
    Protection against unwanted calls, telephone advertising and fraud attempts
    Automatic adjustment of ringer and handset volume in noisy environments
    Optical call signalling
    Four direct dialling keys (A, B, C, D)
    SOS function for triggering a predefined emergency call in an emergency
    Automatic call acceptance with hands-free function in emergency
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  • Cordless phones for analogue connection