Where quality is on the label you will also find excellent service inside

Who says you need a new phone every year? Even if some people regard their smartphones as a fashion accessory, constant replacement and new purchases are economic and ecological madness. At Gigaset we want you to enjoy your phone for more than one season – and thanks to the excellent quality of the devices we can guarantee just that. This section is all about our service promise: Gigaset customer service and the benefits of repairs.

Repairing instead of scrapping

For us, “made in Germany” means not only production but also repair in Germany. With most of our products you will have many years of pleasure: they are faithful companions in your day-to-day life. And if something does go wrong? Then don't throw your Gigaset devices away: send them to us! At our repair centre in Bocholt we repair even the oldest equipment. That's good for your wallet and it's good for the environment too. And if you do send us your smartphone for repair it's actually quite convenient: no valuable data is lost, you don't have to set up a new device, and you will have your usual phone back in your hands after a short time.

    When you need things a little faster

    At Gigaset, “a short period of time” means exactly that: on average, repaired devices leave our workshop in less than 24 hours. Including transport, you will receive your equipment back in three to five days. And if you can' do without your device for that long, we also offer immediate repairs at several locations in Germany in cooperation with a certified partner. Or you can visit us at our service centre in Bocholt where we will repair your faulty device within one hour. And if you have a question for our specialists, you can reach them between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm on 02871 912 912. This is also "made in Germany": you make a local call in Bocholt, and your call does not incur any additional telephone charges.

      Trust is good, service offers are better

      And then there is our Gigaset service promise, which includes a 24-month manufacturer's warranty on all “made in Germany” smartphones and non-replaceable batteries. If the new Gigaset smartphone does not meet your expectations, you can return it within three months. And we repair breakage and moisture damage free of charge in the first 90 days after purchase. You are unlikely to utilise the Gigaset service promise at all, because our products are high-quality and durable. To make sure it stays that way we thoroughly evaluate your feedback, which you can let us have via our service centre or online. All customer information is brought together in the Gigaset back office centre. This information is very valuable to us because it allows us to ensure and continuously improve the quality of our products.

        Customised service for everyone

        Good service is characterised by the fact that it is tailor-made for each customer: some are just looking for information, others need help directly. We help them all: many questions are answered on the service pages of our homepage, but you can also call us at any time or send in your devices for repair. This all-round service is well received: for example, the renowned technology magazine CHIP rated the Gigaset customer service as one of the best telecommunications manufacturers with outstanding service and support, with an overall rating of 95%. In the overall ranking we took second place, leaving major international manufacturers behind us. “Made in Germany” means not only great quality, but also great service.

          Our top sellers "made in Germany"

          • One for all: the elegant and powerful smartphone from Gigaset.
            Elegant design with tempered glass back and frameless cameras
            MTK Helio G85 2.0 GHz Octa-Core processor with enhanced performance due to MediaTek HyperEngine Technology
            Fast rechargeable and enduring 4500 mAh removable battery
            Supports wireless charging up to 15W*
            Dual camera system: 48 MP main camera + 8 MP ultra wide angel & macro
            16 MP front camera for high resolution selfies & video calls
            Large 6.3" Full HD+ V-Notch display
            4 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory
            Android™ 11 (Upgrade guarantee to Android™ 12) and security updates for up to 3 years
            Triple-Slot: Dual-SIM + memory extension up to 512 GB
            Face recognition and fingerprint scanner with multi-functions
            Contactless data transfer by NFC + Bluetooth® 5.0
            Out of stock
          • The exclusive telephone offers a broad spectrum of practical accessibility functions for people with special needs.
            Talking dialling keys
            Voice announced caller (number or name)
            Direct call transfer via Bluetooth® (4.2) to hearing aids and headsets
            Protection against unwanted calls, telephone advertising and fraud attempts
            Automatic adjustment of ringer and handset volume in noisy environments
            Optical call signalling
            Four direct dialling keys (A, B, C, D)
            SOS function for triggering a predefined emergency call in an emergency
            Automatic call acceptance with hands-free function in emergency
            Out of stock
          • Comfort in every detail, ideal for all routers with DECT base set.
            Universal handset to supplement the following:

            DECT/Gap routers
            Routers with DECT/Cat-iq 2.0
            Gigaset DECT base stations

            Slim design, superb ergonomics, powerful technology
            Large TFT colour display (58 mm/2.2") with modern user interface
            Large phone book for up to 200 contacts with 3 numbers each
            Out of stock