Gigaset pro cordless phones: Full communication features with mobile flexibility

Gigaset pro cordless phones

Freedom from your desk

Crystal clear audio combined with extended battery life and rich features makes Gigaset pro cordless phones perfect for agile and effective business communication.

The all-rounder phone with many functions is a winner in day-to-day work environments
When things are taking a little longer at work, a resilient phone is called for. The Gigaset S700H PRO can be relied upon at all times: The extra-long standby time, and the sturdy surface on which not even disinfectants stand a chance, are standout features.
Furthermore, the professional DECT mobile device from Gigaset boasts many functions, including audio profiles and superb HD sound quality. It is lightweight and intuitive to use, and directories and contacts are easy to access. Those not wanting to make compromises in communication tasks need look no further.
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A DECT phone that combines slimline design and leading edge technology
Anyone expecting from a phone the slimline design of a smartphone and the technology of a professional DECT mobile device need look no further than the Gigaset SL800H PRO. It is the smallest and most lightweight cordless phone in the Gigaset Professional portfolio and features large colour display, superb sound quality and excellent battery.
Anyone attaching importance to greatest level of mobility freedom will also be greatly pleased by this DECT mobile device: It can also be used easily with a headset or as a handsfree phone.
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Optimized for everyday business
The Gigaset S650HE PRO is optimized for everyday business. It is part of the DECT IP multicell- and single cell solutions N870/N720 and N670/N510. Gigaset helps supermarkets, construction markets and medical practices across Europe to optimize their communication solutions.
With a sturdy design and 300 hours standby, the Gigaset S650HE PRO offers HD audio quality and the key features needed for a professional DECT handset.
With an intuitive interface offering simple access to contacts books and addresses, this powerful device is the perfect companion for your everyday business communication tasks.
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Full communication features with mobile flexibility
By combining the features and HD audio quality of a DECT handset with the sleek design of a mobile smartphone, the Gigaset SL750H PRO delivers a premium communication device.
With 2.4 inch TFT screen, enhanced microphone and 250 hours standby time, the SL750H PRO is currently Gigaset pro´s smallest DECT handset ready to take your business to the next level.
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Rugged and reliable under any circumstance
Designed as a tough business phone, the Gigaset R650H PRO is water splash and dust proof within a shock resistant design certified to rigorous IP65 standard.
With a rubber surface to ensure the perfect grip and all day long battery life, the Gigaset R650H PRO provides effective communication in any challenging environment.
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