• Revenue increases in growth areas in the first quarter of 2017 – Gigaset expands its strategic position in Europe

    * Consolidated revenue in the Consumer Products segment falls to €58.4 million for market-related reasons (Q1 2016: €61.9 million)

    * Cost-cutting measures are having an impact: EBITDA rises sharply to €3.1 million (Q1 2016: €1.2 million)

    * Outlook remains positive: New products will make a double-digit contribution to revenue as early as this year

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  • HTV-Life® mark of excellence for the Gigaset CL660HX

    Planned obsolescence, where a manufacturer deliberately reduces a product’s useful life, is more than ever an issue of concern to consumers. After all, such conduct not only hits customers in the pocket, but is also primarily a burden on the environment. With its premium products and production in Germany, Gigaset has taken a clear stance against planned obsolescence and also has this certified by an external body – with a corresponding seal from the HTV test house. The new Gigaset CL660HX...

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  • Gigaset SL450 awarded the HTV-Life® mark of excellence

    Planned obsolescence, where a manufacturer deliberately limits a product's useful life, is a worry for consumers in Germany and throughout the world. That is no surprise: After all, they and the environment suffer if products are inadequate and so have to be replaced soon. The HTV-Life® mark of excellence provides clarity – and Gigaset is one of the world’s first manufacturers to have already gained it for its Repeater 2.0 and the telephone lines A400, E310, E550, E630, C430, C620, S850, SL400,...

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  • The Gigaset CL660HX wins the Red Dot Design Award

    Anyone who has had the pleasure of holding the Gigaset CL660HX in their hands knows that Gigaset has created a very special cordless phone that stands head and shoulders above others on the market. The precisely made, especially flat and light phone unites powerful technology, excellent ergonomics and a modern design language. This exceptional design has already inspired many consumers – and has now received a further accolade: The Gigaset CL660HX router telephone has captured the Red Dot Design...

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