Our story

The history of Gigaset is also the history of Bocholt. Gigaset is the only company to manufacture its cordless phones and other products at its own factory in Bocholt. This sets us apart from our competitors, whose manufacturing facilities are located in Asia. It also brings benefits for our trading partners and customers in terms of logistics and services.

From the beginning...

Gigaset has been in production in Bocholt since 1941, and our cordless phones have come to be sold all over the world in the last 25 years. However, these phones are still manufactured in our home country of Germany - as are virtually all of the company's products.

Today, more than 550 employees at the main production site in Bocholt not only develop, design and manufacture landline telephones and business telephone solutions, but also produce innovative Smart Home systems and - as of 2018 - smartphones as well. Gigaset is the only company in Europe that manufactures these kinds of products in Germany. Long-lasting quality - proudly Made in Germany.

    ... into the modern age — yet still firmly rooted in Bocholt

    In 2019, Gigaset was presented with the special "German Traditional Brand" award for its "constancy in corporate values". The PLUS X AWARD jury bestows the award on companies that have remained loyal to Germany as a place to do business; that have displayed responsibility toward their customers, employees and partners over decades; and exert a positive influence on their industry with the enduring constancy of their values. Gigaset has thus joined the who's who of German business - awards were also bestowed on companies such as Adidas, BMW and Zeiss.

      Gigaset's milestones


      Opening of the Siemens subsidiary in Bocholt


      Start of telephone production


      Start of transmission equipment production


      Creation of the Research & Development unit in Bocholt


      Start of cordless telephone (DECT standard) production


      Erection of new production facility (10,000 m²)


      Start of production of GSM products


      Start of voice and data production


      Start of production of WiMAX, IP phones


      Production of 100 millionth Gigaset phone


      Production of 150 millionth Gigaset phone


      Installation of new U-shaped line for lean manufacturing for complex products such as Maxwell 10


      First use of HRC (human-robot collaboration) for assembly purposes


      Production of 200 millionth Gigaset phone


      "German Traditional Brand" special award from the jury of the PLUS X AWARD


      Production of 220 millionth Gigaset phone