Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex


Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex

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The new standard in comfortable communication at home and for home offices
  • Timeless and elegant design
  • 2.2" TFT colour display for optimal readability
  • Hands-free function & headset connection
  • Three digital answering machines with a recording time of up to 55 minute
  • Two display keys for important functions
  • Brilliant audio quality (HDSP™) for VoIP calls
  • Local call protection
  • Cloud-based services and Gigaset apps for connecting to smartphones (iOS/Android)
  • Can be used flexibly for landline and Internet telephony, provider-independent
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Removable belt clip

The perfect combination: using the phone can be this simple

Why choose when you can have everything at the same time? The versatile Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex can be used for landline and Internet telephony and impresses with its timelessly elegant design, perfect ergonomics, high technology and maximum convenience. It is the ideal phone for your home and desk. The technology under its stylish case is innovative and its numerous functions will impress you. So this cordless phone can be seen — but also heard, as it has excellent acoustics too. And when you are working from home, you will always have your hands free thanks to the headset connection and integrated speakerphone (with certified HD Voice quality). The Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex has three integrated answering machines with a recording time of up to 55 minutes.

Flexibility guaranteed: the Gigaset COMFORT 5*0A IP flex is so functional

Wireless is good, digital is better: Internet telephony and IP-based connections have many advantages. You benefit from HD sound quality, multiple numbers per connection and the possibility of simultaneous calls. To do this, simply connect your IP DECT phone system to the LAN port of the router or the LAN network. The latter is very practical if the router and telephone base station are located far apart, for example in the basement and upstairs.

The Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex allows you to manage up to six IP-based phone numbers - from multiple providers. You can assign up to six compatible handsets and three answering machines to the phone numbers. Sound complicated? It really isn't: As a user, you only enter your phone number. Even if you want to use the Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex in "non-IP-based" mode, this phone system including answering machine ensures convenient calling even on analogue connections.

Navigation to perfection: using the phone can be this pleasant

Welcome to your personal comfort zone: The Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex is so easy and pleasant to use that nothing distracts you from what's important — your conversations. It meets the highest Gigaset quality standards and navigation is intuitive. And the large, high-contrast TFT colour display (44 x 35 mm) offers everything you would expect from a modern cordless phone: Graphics and fonts that ensure optimum legibility, a variety of colour schemes and symbols for operating the main menu. It is also very convenient, as jumbo mode enables extra-large display of digits when dialling. The large individual keys with noticeable key press and the illuminated keypad make the Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex the perfect companion in your everyday life.

Activating call protection: your phone is so user-friendly

When your phone just won't stop ringing: The Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex can block unwanted calls. The newly developed comfort call protection reliably protects you from advertising calls or dangerous telephone scams. You can easily block up to 70 phone numbers: Unwanted callers can be entered in a blacklist or transferred directly from the call history log. You can also block or mute anonymous callers at any time. And thanks to time control, you can determine time periods when your phone should or should not ring. However, you can give certain callers preferential treatment by entering them in a VIP address book, so you can speak to them at any time.

Everything in the address book: your phone is so good at communicating

"We'll be in touch!" - this often sounds easier than it is: Where did you put that phone number again? Do they have another phone number? And when is their birthday again? The Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex's address book makes communication convenient, as it can store up to 200 contacts, each with three phone numbers. These entries can also be easily exchanged between your Gigaset handsets. It is also practical: The programmable speed dial keys allow you to reach preferred callers more quickly, without tedious typing. Thanks to the automatic birthday reminder, you'll never miss their special day again. You can also assign your own VIP melodies to the most important people in your life, so you can hear who is calling you straight away.

Now it's personal: your Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex is so unique

If you have high expectations, the Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex is just right for you. This cordless phone is even better thanks to its personalisation options, as you can customise it to your individual preferences! Among other things, you can choose between different display backgrounds: Either the preset dark background, which matches the modern design of the COMFORT 500A IP flex, or a high-contrast white background. For the screensaver, you can choose between an analogue or digital clock. You can also customise the sound of this high-quality Gigaset phone: Choose the right frequency range from two acoustic profiles for an optimal listening experience. You can even assign your own ringtones to important callers. Sound good? That's exactly how it should be.

Three answering machines: so you can always be reached

If you're on the move a lot, you shouldn't miss anything: The Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex ensures this with its three integrated answering machines. This keeps you well informed, even when you're not available. But why three answering machines? Personal and business calls can be clearly assigned. Or you can give individual family members their own phone numbers and individual answering machines. You can record different greetings and play only one greeting for business calls, for example, but also allow recorded messages for personal calls. Callers can leave messages with a total recording time of 55 minutes. You decide when and where you want to listen to them - operation is very simple via the handset. And even in the event of a power failure, your recordings are backed up indefinitely.

For old and young: using the phone is for all ages

Communication is not a question of age: Thanks to its easy-to-read display and hearing aid compatibility, older people can also enjoy the Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex. We have also thought of the next generation: The direct call function means that all keys trigger the dialling of a preassigned number. This is perfect for young children who cannot yet read, as the right number is always called - no matter which key they press. The baby phone function is also very practical: When a noise threshold is exceeded, the Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex automatically establishes a connection to other handsets in the household, or even to mum or dad's smartphone. In baby phone mode, incoming calls are only indicated visually on the display - without any ringtone.

Always there, always close: your phone is so compatible

When it rings again somewhere else: A Gigaset cordless phone makes you very mobile, but in everyday life it's not always exactly where you need it. Are you in the basement, but the phone is ringing in the kitchen? That's easy to solve: The Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex is expandable up to a total of six handsets, which you can place anywhere in your home. Whether in the kitchen, home office, living room or bedroom - you are sure to always have a device to hand. The Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex is very compatible, it can also be expanded with the Gigaset HX handsets. You can find an overview of all HX handsets ...

Cordless and radiation-free: your phone is so environmentally friendly

Cordless phones are practical, but the cordless phones from Gigaset are also environmentally friendly. This is thanks to the ECO DECT technology that the Gigaset COMFORT 500 series is equipped with. But what exactly does ECO DECT mean? The phones are radiation-free when in standby mode, even when you're using multiple handsets, provided that the base and all connected handsets support ECO DECT. During a call, the transmission strength automatically adapts to the distance between the handset and the base. This means that the shorter the distance between the base and handset of the Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex, the lower the radiation. To make use of the maximum DECT range, you can also deactivate ECO DECT mode at any time.

Technical details


General settings
Article name
Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex
General features
Analog | VoIP
Number of telephone numbers (analogue)
Telephone numbers (IP)
Telephone numbers (ISDN)
Calls in parallel (analogue)
Calls in parallel (IP)
Calls in parallel (ISDN)
Mobile connection
Mobile connection (Features)
DECT Standards
DECT | GAP | CAT iq 2.0 (handset) | CAT iq 2.1 (handset)
Interfaces internal
LAN Port | Headset connection 3,5 mm
Autom. reduction of transmission power | Radiation-free in standby mode | Low energy consumption
Answering maschine
Additional features
Gigaset GO Features worldwide telephony | Gigaset GO Apps | Online Services | E-Mail Notification
Standby time up to (h)
Talk time up to (h)
Phonebook # entries (name / number)
Address book # entries, (name, surname, 3 numbers, date-reminder, sounds)
Individual ringertones for VIP entries
Voice announced caller (number or name)
V-Card transfer, mobile to handset via Bluetooth®
Adressbook synchronization via QuickSync (Outlook Windows Contacts)
Direct dial keys at handset
Direct dial keys at base
Automatic redial function in handset
Room monitoring (Babyphone)
Internal (second handset required) | External
Direct dial (Babycall)
Alarm function
Range warning tone
SMS function
Call block function
Blacklist (number of entries)
Anonymous call suppression: Calls without CLIP number are only indicated visually
Day / night mode: Timed ringtone deactivation on handset
Smart Call Block ready
Optical call signaling
Illuminated display | Flashing send key
Torch Light
Number of Expandable Handsets
Number assignment for incoming and outgoing external calls
Number assignment for incoming and outgoing internal calls
Free internal calls
Phone-/Adressbook-transfer internal via DECT (handset to handset)
Internal transfer of external calls, conference circuit, call back
Audio features
Sound Quality / Accustic Features
HD Voice (wideband voice)
Handsfree talking
Convenient hands-free talking (full duplex quality)
Handsfree talking handset / base
Adjustable Volume
Via Menu
Automatic adjustment of ringer & handset volume in noisy environments
Security call (listen into the room)
Number of ringtones
Upload own ringtones
Display features
Display Type
Color Display
Dimensions (H x W mm)
49 x 37
Diagonal spread (inch)
Resolution (px)
220 x 176
Jumbo Fonts
Display of caller
Display of caller’s number (CLIP)
List of last # missed calls with time and date
List of # outgoing calls with time and date
List of # received calls with time and date
List of # all calls with time and date
Multilingual menu (several display languages)
Time / Date displayed
Number of languages
Keypad features
Illuminated Keypad
Easy handling with navigation key
Message indicator key
Protection Water/Dust/Shock (according IP 65)
Metal Frame
Talking dialling keys
Answering machine
Recording time up to … min.
Number of answering machines
Answering and recording function
Answering function only
AM control
Via handset
Remote Querying
Multilingual phrases in local languages
Languages answering machine
Dimensions / Specs
Handset, H x W x D in mm
161 x 52 x 26
Handset, weight incl. Accu in g
Base station, H x W x D in mm
105 x 132 x 46
Base station, weight in mm
Charger, H x W x D in mm
35 x 64 x 63
Charger, weight in g
Accu Type
2 x NiMH AAA
Delivery Scope
Power Supply
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