Gigaset DESK 200

Gigaset DESK 200

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The space-saving, corded desk and wall phone
  • Space-saving due to particularly narrow design
  • Easy wall mounting possible
  • Power supply via telephone line, no separate power supply necessary
  • Ten speed dial keys
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Redial
  • LED call signaling
  • Suitable for operation with telephone systems
  • DTMF / pulse dialing adjustable
  • Flash function adjustable

Compact, wall-mountable and corded: the phone with basic convenience

The Gigaset DESK 200 combines the most important telephony functions with a particularly slim and compact design. It is therefore suitable as a space-saving desk phone or, alternatively, can be quickly and easily mounted on the wall. The Gigaset DESK 200 can be connected to the fixed network or used as part of an internal telephone network at home or in the office.

Power supply via the telephone line

The Gigaset DESK 200 does not require a separate power supply unit; power is supplied directly via the telephone line. Commissioning is therefore particularly simple: connect the Gigaset DESK 200 to the telephone socket (public network, private branch exchange or gateway) - and the phone is ready for use.

Optical and acoustic call signalling

The melody and volume of the Gigaset DESK 200 can be conveniently set. Three different melodies can be selected, which can be set to three different volume levels. In addition, the optical call signalling via the LED on the handset helps to ensure that no call is missed, even in particularly noisy environments. If you want to have your peace and quiet, the ringtone can also be switched off. Incoming calls are then only indicated visually.

Quickly connected

Up to ten phone numbers can be stored as speed dials, allowing you to quickly connect with the people you talk to frequently. The speed dialling numbers are noted on the enclosed paper insert and are thus always at hand. With the handy redial function, you can instantly resume your last call with the touch of a button. Need to talk to someone in the room and don't want the person on the other end of the line to overhear? Hold the call on the line and press the mute key. This way, you can no longer be heard on the phone. Another important feature for anyone with impaired hearing: the Gigaset DESK 200 is hearing aid compatible.


The DESK 200 is suitable both for connection to the fixed network and to telephone systems. It supports both common dialling methods and thus offers maximum flexibility for the analogue telephone connection.

  • Pulse dialling (IWV)
  • Multi-frequency dialling (DTMF)

Depending on the telephone system, the dialling method or the flash time of the telephone may have to be changed. For this purpose, there is a slide switch on the handset of the DESK 200, which is simply used to set the desired dialling method.

Technical details


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