Gigaset DESK 800A


Gigaset DESK 800A

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The wall and desk telephone for convenient telephony with answering machine
  • Answering machine with up to 50 minutes recording time
  • Large LCD with LED backlighting
  • Seven double-assignable direct dialling keys
  • Hands-free function & RJ-9 headset connection
  • Simple wall mounting possible
  • Phone book for up to 200 entries incl. VIP function
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Easy operation via 5-way navigation key
  • LED call signalling with 10 ring tones
  • Suitable for operation on telecommunication systems

A phone that is simple and does a lot

Simple and sophisticated at the same time: the Gigaset DESK 800A with integrated answering machine and hands-free function is the ideal phone for use at home or in smaller offices. The corded landline phone with large LCD has an integrated phone book, dual-assignable direct dial keys and additional optical call signaling. You can use it as a desk or wall phone - and also connect it to telephone systems. Professional headsets can also be connected: the integrated RJ9 connection makes this possible.

An answering machine that backs up and stores

Ask a lot, answer even more: the answering machine of the Gigaset DESK 800A is there even when you're not. With a recording time of up to 50 minutes, you won't miss a thing even if you're away for a long time. Even better: thanks to remote retrieval, this integrated answering machine can also be accessed when you're on the move. So nothing is lost, even in the event of a power failure, all recordings are protected. The DESK 800A gives you a piece of freedom: it takes phone calls, informs your callers - and always keeps you up to date.

A display that lights up and is easy to read

The large LCD with backlighting shows the number, name, call time and VIP status (if assigned) of your callers on three easy-to-read lines. The start screen also informs you of the date, time and day of the week. The DESK 800A also announces incoming calls visually: If you feel disturbed by ringing noises, you can also turn them off. In addition to the display, the hands-free key lights up. So you won't miss anything: the caller list shows the last 50 missed and received call numbers.

A hands-free system that adapts to individual needs

Free to switch and operate: That's what many people want, but in everyday life they are too often stuck on the phone. With the Gigaset DESK 800A, your hands are free for other things - the integrated speakerphone with 7-level volume control makes it possible. This is practical for short and long calls, at home as well as in the office. And if you don't want everyone to listen in, simply connect a professional headset - the RJ9 connection makes it possible. The handset volume of the DESK 800A can also be adjusted - in three steps, even during the call.

A keyboard that leaves nothing to be desired

Directly dialled, immediately connected: With the help of the seven direct dial keys (can be assigned twice for a total of 14 phone numbers), your most important contacts are only a keystroke away. So dialling with this corded phone from Gigaset is particularly quick. And to make sure nothing gets mixed up, you can write down your direct dial numbers on the enclosed paper insert. You also only need to press one button to redial and to regulate the handset and ring tone volume of your DESK 800A.

A phone book that stores a lot and can do even more

First look, then listen: With the Gigaset DESK 800A's integrated phone book, you'll know who's calling right away. It offers space for up to 200 phone numbers, which are stored with their names. These are displayed directly on the large LCD when calls are received. In addition, you can assign your own VIP melodies to important contacts: So you can also hear who is calling right away. And if you are looking for peace and quiet (and still want to be reachable), you can set the DESK 800A to ring only when VIP contacts call - it remains silent for all others.

A telephone model that offers many connection options

Connect a lot, achieve more: The Gigaset DESK 800A is ideal for both private and business calls. It can be connected to telecommunication systems in small offices, and the direct dial keys, display and hands-free function also perform well. The integrated headset connection (RJ9) enables telephone calls with professional headsets - leaving your hands free for other things. And what connects people with impaired hearing: The DESK 800A is hearing aid compatible according to ITU-T P.370, and thanks to inductive transmission, telephone calls take place without disturbing noise.

A communication solution that promises a lot of comfort

On the right track with a cord: corded telephones are often perceived as more pleasant, especially for longer conversations. With landline connections, the call quality is also usually better, especially in rural areas. So the Gigaset DESK 800A promises a lot of comfort, also in terms of features: among other things, you can choose between ten melodies in five volume levels. And thanks to the practical direct dial and redial keys, you can reach your most important contacts in the shortest possible time with this phone.

A service and delivery package that includes everything

Unpack and get started: The Gigaset DESK 800A is ideal as a desk or wall phone, everything is included to get you up and running straight away. The scope of delivery includes

  • desk phone,
  • stand,
  • plug-in power supply,
  • handset connection cable, 
  • telephone connection cable,
  • brief operating manual.

If you decide to use it on the wall, you can also start right away: Installation is child's play. Your DESK 800A can also be connected to a telephone system: Here you can choose between multi-frequency or pulse dialling (DTMF or IWV).

Technical details


General settings
Article name
Gigaset DESK 800A
Hands-free function
With adjustable volume (7 levels)
Ringtone output
With adjustable volume (5 levels)
Adjustable handset volume (3 levels)
Hearing aid compatible
According to ITU-T P.370
7 direct dial keys, can be assigned twice, for a total of 14 phone numbers using the shift key (A/B-key) | 5-way navigation key | 10 number keys | Hands-free key | # key | * key | Volume keys +,- | R key | Mute / dustbin key | Answering machine key | Play / Pause key
Key lock on/off via # key
Three-line LCD with LED backlight
Size (H x W in mm)
33 x 66
Direct call: Dial a preset telephone number by pressing any key
Wall mountable
Desk operation
Signalling & display indications
Visual call indication via LED display for incoming and missed calls, in hands-free mode as well as for answering machine messages
Display of date, time and day of the week | Display of call number, name, VIP and call duration
Call display with telephone number and name (CLIP/CNIP)
10 pre-installed ringtones
Call protection
Dial lock: The dialling of individual number ranges (e.g. 0900 numbers) as well as area and country codes are blocked. It is possible to block up to 3 number ranges with up to 5 digits.
Answering machine
Recording time
Up to50 minutes recording time
Recording length
Per message adjustable: 30, 60, 120 seconds or unlimited
An individual announcement can be recorded (up to 170 seconds) | Standard announcement preset (plug & play) | Announcement of date and time for each answering machine message
Remote access possible (PIN-protected)
Power failure protection: Recordings are protected against power outages indefinitely
Phone book
Phone book for up to 200 entries - VIP identification possible
VIP: Allows you to assign a VIP melody to a contact. In addition, you can set the phone to ring only when VIP contacts call - and to remain silent for all others
Dial functions
Dialling procedure
Multi-frequency dialling (DTMF) | Pulse dialing method (IWV)
Redial entries with up to 32 characters
Missed calls & caller lists
Caller list
List of up to 50 calls (missed and received)
Power supply
Power supply unit
230V plug-in power supply unit
Analogue telephone connection: Connection to an external telephone line (a/b)
Connection type
Headset connection
Headphone jack (RJ9)
Suitable for operation on telephone systems
Dimensions & Weights
H x W x D in mm
73 x 185 x 208
Weight in g
Included in product package
1 Desk phone | 1 Handset connection cable | 1 Stand | 1 Power adaptor | 1 Telephone connection cable | 1 Short user guide | 1 TAE adapter (DEU, AUT)
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