Gigaset Lanyard (GX6 / GX4)

Gigaset Lanyard (GX6 / GX4)

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For the Gigaset GX6 / GX4
  • With smartphone loop
  • Reflective
  • Can be worn in the hands or around the wrist
  • Prevents accidental dropping

For full flexibility

The Gigaset lanyard is the perfect solution when you want your smartphone to be quickly at hand - whether for making calls, taking photos or checking messages. The loop of the lanyard can be attached to the eyelet of the Gigaset GX6 / Gigaset GX4. It can be worn in the hands or around the wrist. No matter where you are: in the office, outdoors, hiking or shopping - the practical Gigaset lanyard helps you to have your Gigaset GX6 quickly and above all safely at hand and protects the smartphone from falling.

Technical details


General settings
Article name
Gigaset Lanyard (GX6 / GX4)
  • Length: 15.5 mm
  • Weight: 37 g
  • Colour: Silver / Black
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Gigaset Lanyard (GX6 / GX4)

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