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With innovative communication solutions from Gigaset professional, your organisation can unlock its true potential and stay ahead of the competition. Our cutting-edge telephony technology is delivered by a community of dedicated partners that can help you create a complete communications solution rather than a multitude of products. With Gigaset professional, you gain access to an open platform designed for its user-friendliness, flexibility and outstanding performance, while offering seamless compatibility with leading on-premise telephony systems and cloud-based service providers.

  • The UC handset for flexible use – for when you are in the office, at the home office or out and about.
    Efficient internal and external communication is indispensable for the success of a company. In particular, it is the office concepts of today that require flexibility in all relevant communication services. UC (Unified Communications) systems marry for example telephony, video conferencing, emails and Instant Messaging into one application environment. The new Gigaset ION has been developed explicitly for the demands of today’s UC users: It combines the convenience of a DECT handset and the compatibility with existing UC solutions. Being compatible with Microsoft Teams*, Zoom* and many softphones, and integration into UC solutions from SWYX and Unify Circuit, the Gigaset ION supports the world’s leading UC platforms. At the same time it enjoys the benefits of a leading edge DECT handset: HD audio quality, handsfree function, plug & play installation and microphone with noise-cancelling optimisation. Regardless of whether you are in the office, at conferences or at the home office – the new Gigaset ION features mobility without bounds and greatest possible freedom for all employees.
    * Compatibility provided by standard USB driver functions
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  • This powerful business phone is ready for any challenge
    This cordless phone can of course also be used in the office: It is comfortable in the hand and its excellent sound quality is a standout feature. The appealing design with non-slip surface, the large colour display and the excellent battery are also plus points for this device.
    But the Gigaset R700H PRO unfurls its entire potential in the day-to-day work environment: The phone is water-repellent and dust-proof. Impacts and scratches stand little chance. In conjunction with a Gigaset Multicell system, it provides flexibility and full mobility freedom over the entire company premises.
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  • The all-rounder phone with many functions is a winner in day-to-day work environments
    When things are taking a little longer at work, a resilient phone is called for. The Gigaset S700H PRO can be relied upon at all times: The extra-long standby time, and the sturdy surface on which not even disinfectants stand a chance, are standout features.
    Furthermore, the professional DECT mobile device from Gigaset boasts many functions, including audio profiles and superb HD sound quality. It is lightweight and intuitive to use, and directories and contacts are easy to access. Those not wanting to make compromises in communication tasks need look no further.
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  • A DECT phone that combines slimline design and leading edge technology
    Anyone expecting from a phone the slimline design of a smartphone and the technology of a professional DECT mobile device need look no further than the Gigaset SL800H PRO. It is the smallest and most lightweight cordless phone in the Gigaset Professional portfolio and features large colour display, superb sound quality and excellent battery.
    Anyone attaching importance to greatest level of mobility freedom will also be greatly pleased by this DECT mobile device: It can also be used easily with a headset or as a handsfree phone.
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  • Colour Touchscreen with Hardkeys designed for flexible yet easy to use communication
    Maxwell 4 offers a powerful communication device with an easy to use touchscreen interface that is flexible enough for any business environment.
    Combining all the benefits of full HD audio, professional quality handsfree calling and flexible stand and wall mounting options, Maxwell 4 goes further still with a crystal-clear colour touchscreen display and intuitive user interface that puts all your critical business communication at your fingertips. With support for up to six SIP accounts, Maxwell 4 is ready for multi-line telephony operation and designed to work with leading on-premise and cloud-based communication service providers.
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  • Compact design with enhanced features for professional communication
    Maxwell 3 offers a compact yet powerful desktop phone with the professional features to suit any business or home office environment.
    Featuring full HD audio, ‘do-not-disturb’ and ‘navi’-key and keys with call status. And these useful features are well positioned around a crystal clear display, which makes Maxwell 3 the perfect choice for modern digital communication.  
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  • The functional desktop telephone for professional business communication
    A business quality VoIP phone must be intuitive, attractive and always ready to support your business. The Gigaset Maxwell 2 business phone provides all those qualities in this VoIP desktop model designed to work with any on-premise or cloud based telephone system.
    The Maxwell 2’s lightweight handset supports HD audio and voice, so you need not miss a single word. Volume keys ensure the right audio level and you can toggle between hands-free and the headset by merely pressing the dedicated button.
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  • Simple and efficient with full HD audio
    Maxwell Basic provides all the essential features needed within a professional desktop phone ready for any office environment.
    Featuring full HD audio, Maxwell Basic is designed for everyday use without compromising audio quality.
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  • Business telephone key pad offers enhanced functionality for professional communication
    Enhance your speed, functionality and reach with the Maxwell Expansion Module designed for the Maxwell Basic, 2, 3 and 4 desktop business phone.
    The Maxwell Expansion Module features a large 7” FSTN Display with an expanded keypad containing two pages of 28 flexible buttons. The device can handle up to 58 features such as Busy Line Fields (BLF) and speed dialing. The additional keys can also be conveniently programmed to log on and log out, activate voicemail or even to open the front door.
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  • The DECT cordless desktop phone in a Maxwell housing offers great flexibility from the desk
    In an office dominated by DECT cordless phones, the Maxwell C is one of a kind. This is Gigaset’s most advanced professional cordless phone in a Maxwell housing.
    The wireless office of today has shed the need for physical network connections. Our computers and office phones are all cordless – and the Gigaset Maxwell C leaves you with supreme flexibility from the desk.
    All devices can now be connected to one DECT single or Multicell system from Gigaset. This brings the ideal IP phone solution with extraordinary HD-audio, crystal clear TFT-display delivering an intuitive business companion to the front of the wireless office.
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  • For the toughest applications in harsh working environments.
    Robust 6.1" 19.5:9 HD+ V-notch display with Corning Gorilla® Glass 3
    Long-lasting 6200-mAh battery with 9-V/2-A PE+ quick-charging function via USB Type-C
    Wireless charging up to 15 W
    Powerful octa-core processor with 4G LTE with VoLTE and VoWi-Fi
    4-GB RAM + 64-GB internal memory
    13-MP (SONY sensor) + 2-MP dual main camera with ArcSoft® optimisation and 8-MP front camera
    Waterproof and dustproof, IP68 rating
    NFC (Near Field Communication)
    Face recognition and fingerprint scanner
    Operating system: Android Enterprise™
    Extensive personalisation options such as name or logo engravings
    Optional agreement on specific services
    Up to five years of security updates
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  • The scalable DECT multicell system for any organization
    Designed to support all your employees with secure digital and cordless communication.
    Absolute ease of deployment from the smallest to largest sites, each Gigaset N870 Multicell supports an entire SMB sized organization. And in case your organization is larger, multicell is easy to deploy with roaming and handover from the conversations. Multicell installations with over hundreds of multicell appliances across larger sites – such as factories, hotels, hospitals or warehouse environments – can deliver a DECT communication network serving thousands of staff.
    The N870 Multicell supports both on-premise and cloud-based VoIP communication with the flexibility to adapt quickly to every growing business. With a simple installation process, the N870 Multicell System provides rapid deployment for your professional DECT handsets from Gigaset across your entire site.
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  • The flexible extension for Gigaset N870 Multicell solutions in special environments
    The Gigaset N870 Multicell system is exactly what you are looking for if you attach importance to secure DECT communication: It adapts perfectly to your needs, and is just as suitable for small businesses as it is for large organisations. Seamless roaming and handover of calls are no problem for this communication network.
    We are now able to offer you an extension with the same functionality, that uses the much-proven DECT technology of the Gigaset N870 Multicell. The N870E IP PRO however has two external antennas, that can be adjusted and removed. Antennas from third parties can also be used. This way your Multicell can be aligned and adapted even more flexibly – also in outdoor areas, production buildings and car parks.
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  • Perfect for growing organisations or to cover larger sites, each Gigaset N720 IP PRO system can support up to 100 DECT handsets, 30 parallel calls and allows up to 30 base stations to be easily connected to extend coverage and number of users.
    The N720 IP PRO also supports both on-premise and cloud based PBX’s to offer flexible communication for growing businesses. The N720 IP PRO system is the ultimate system to support your Gigaset pro handsets anywhere in your office.
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  • The upgradable VoIP telephone system designed for the growing demands of your business
    Perfect cordless communication within any small and medium sized office with the ability to scale as required.
    Designed to serve the 90% of businesses across Europe with less than 20 staff, the N670 offers an elegant VoIP solution for professional cordless communications. Straight out of the box, the N670 is designed to work with the entire Gigaset professional handset range with up to 20 DECT handsets while supporting 8 simultaneous voice calls, using both on-premise or cloud-based IP telephony services. For busier offices or larger sites, an upgrade to multicell by license and additional DECT base stations allow you to increase coverage, handsets and simultaneous calls to flexibly meet the needs of your organisation.
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  • Perfect for the busy small office
    A powerful communication base station designed for the needs of a productive small office.
    The Gigaset N510 IP PRO can support up to 6 SIP accounts, 6 handsets and 4 simultaneous calls with a rich set of business communication features.
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  • This repeater makes for truly mobile communication.
    Secure connection with DECT encryption
    Amazing voice transmission with HD voice (CAT-iq)
    Automatic handover
    Supports the new ETSI repeater standard (ETS300700 V2.1.1)
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