Gigaset Sponsorship

Experience, commitment, innovation and performance are strengths that have made Gigaset one of the leading providers of telecommunications solutions in Germany, Europe and all around the globe. In the world of sport, athletes are also driven by the same values and strive daily for new results and top performances. For a company such as Gigaset, which values competition and ranks ambition and perseverance among the special strengths of all its team members, a commitment to sport is simply a matter of course. All of us - employees and athletes alike - are determined to be among the best.

Gigaset as a sports partner

Over the past few years, Gigaset has established itself as a leading partner in the area of sports sponsorship. Football is a key focus here, and Gigaset has backed the sport accordingly: The company has been an official partner of the German championship record holders FC Bayern Munich since 2015.

For Gigaset, however, football isn't just a passion at the Bundesliga level, but also locally — the company is also the main sponsor of 1. FC Bocholt, the home team of the town where Gigaset's main production site is located. 

Our involvement with 1. FC Bocholt started in 2018. Since that time, Gigaset has been the biggest supporter of the local fifth-tier team and has even become the namesake of the club's home stadium, which has been operating as the Gigaset Arena since 2019.

Experience FC Bayern Munich with Gigaset

Gigaset is no stranger to advertising exciting promotions for fans, particularly in connection with Bayern Munich: These include action-packed promotions that take place as part of the annual events on the esplanade in front of the Allianz Arena along with the regular draws for VIP tickets to all Bundesliga, DFB and Champions League games, which the company promotes through both its marketing newsletter and its own social media channels, as well as through partnerships with third parties such as Antenne Bayern, one of the largest radio stations in Germany.

    Gigaset's involvement in Bocholt

    At the local level, Gigaset's main aim is to strengthen its links with Bocholt's residents and make it possible for them to participate in sport and sporting events. Regular ticket sweepstakes take place for 1. FC Bocholt games and the club's players take part in accompanying promotions. The adoption of the "Gigaset Arena" stadium name has boosted the company's reputation in the region and beyond.

    In addition to football, Gigaset also supports the Bocholter City Run and the Bocholt half marathon. These events are also well known and popular outside the region and attract large numbers of participants and spectators every year.

      Why sports sponsorship?

      The German football fanbase. 80 percent of the population have an interest in football, and around 7.5 million people play the sport at more than 25,000 clubs in Germany alone. This makes football the undisputed number one sport by popularity across the country. 

      Gigaset has been involved in football at a regional and national level for many years now. Sports sponsorship is an integral part of our corporate strategy. Gigaset is a traditional brand with strong and firmly established roots in Germany. Statistically, every second German household is home to one of our landline phones - which are popular among family homes, flat shares, and young and old alike. Out of all types of sport, only football shares this unique characteristic of connecting people across a wide range of generations and social groups. This is precisely why football plays a very special role in our portfolio as a strategic communication tool - it's a good fit for us and our position on the market.


      In France, Gigaset has been one of the main sponsors of the French Handball League since 2018, and in Spain, the company is involved in eSports as a supporter the nationally recognised gaming team x6tence.

      Gigaset products proudly bear the Made in Germany quality seal.