What is fairness today?

Actually, it’s quite simple: treat others the way you would wish you be treated yourself. This will also be the case in the future. Responsibility, prudence, trust and reliability are fundamental values of society; they are our driving force. After all, we can only do well if things are going well for our fellow human beings and the environment too.

Fair to people: treating customers and business partners well, and colleagues too

Sports are not possible without consideration, respect and partnership; this should be no different in everyday life. At Gigaset too, we focus on fair play in our dealings with employees, partners and customers. This begins in our own ranks: we create optimum working conditions for our colleagues and an open, prejudice-free working environment in accordance with the standards of the "Diversity Charter". They are also guaranteed fair wages in accordance with the IG Metall collective labour agreement and equal opportunities for all. This is also demonstrated by employee turnover, which has been very low for years.

We also behave fairly towards our suppliers and sales partners: Gigaset stands for fair conditions, personal support, reliability and communication on equal terms. This pays off – for everyone: many national and international partnerships have been in place for decades. With our "Business Conduct Guideline", we have laid down clear rules for dealing with partners and customers. Find out more here.

Of course, we also attach great importance to fairness for our customers: Gigaset stands for high-quality, long-lasting products at reasonable prices. You can contact our customer service team at any time. And if something should break, we will repair it for you quickly and on site in many cases or dispose of it properly. For products with the Gigaset service promise, we also offer free warranty and repair services up to the right of return. We pay particular attention to data security. We take the confidentiality of personal data very seriously.

Fair to the environment: ask questions and act sustainably

Protecting our environment and combating climate change are a human task; Gigaset is committed to making a relevant contribution. This begins with questioning and developing an awareness of sustainable action.

We at Gigaset have been focussing on treating the environment fairly for a long time. For many decades, our production has been based in the centre of Germany, more precisely in Bocholt, Westphalia: using green electricity, recycled or recyclable plastic and paper, little water and as little CO2 as possible. We do not use natural gas for our production processes today either. More information about our sustainability initiatives can be found ...

Fair to partners: regional management, thinking in partnership

Protecting the environment and avoiding emissions can also be achieved by shortening routes and investing in flexible delivery volumes. Gigaset’s production is based in Germany, and many of our suppliers or sales partners also work here. This allows us to respond even more effectively to the needs of our customers, and we can often avoid long transport routes around the globe.

Gigaset is fair to the region, and this also pays off elsewhere: we create attractive jobs and train a wide range of professions. Our production process includes employees from a local workshop for the disabled who work on packaging accessories, for example. We support local events and initiatives and encourage regional sports. And of course we pay our taxes in Germany. Regional solidarity is important.

Fair in everyday life, fair in old age: Simple communication, barrier-free organisation

Communication knows no age limits: We all seek contact, exchange information or simply want to organise our everyday lives. The telephone at home or the mobile phone play a central role in this: perhaps even a little more so for older people and people with disabilities, as they are sometimes not quite so mobile.

So for us at Gigaset, fairness also means developing products that are easy to use and barrier-free. It's about intuitive operation, good hearing and vision, and safety. We have telephones, smartphones or GSM mobile phones on offer that are tailored to these special needs. The compatibility of modern technology and functionality does not have to be a contradiction.

Large and clear displays as well as easy-to-use keys facilitate your communication. Even telephoning with a hearing aid works perfectly. And the SOS emergency call button or the room monitoring with baby monitor function provide extra security. With Gigaset, you'll always be well connected.

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