Gigaset Book Case (GS3)


Gigaset Book Case (GS3)

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For Gigaset GS3.
  • Reliably protects your smartphone against dirt, dust, scratches and splash water
  • Magnetic lock prevents the case opening unintentionally (Secret Magnet)
  • Practical stand function allows you to comfortably view photos and videos

Perfect protection for your Gigaset GS3.

This sleek, elegant mobile phone case with a high-quality outer shell and a fine, velvet-like lining provides perfect protection against dirt, dust, scratches and splash water for your Gigaset GS3.

The inside of the case is an exact fit, so it holds your smartphone securely, while the perfectly aligned cut-outs give you unimpeded access to all connections (e.g. for the LED flash, fingerprint sensor, micro USB charging port and headphone jack).

Easily insert your smartphone into the case and remove it again.

The case is fitted with a concealed "secret magnet" to prevent it from being opened unintentionally.

The stand feature on the Book Case lets you prop up your Gigaset GS3, so sharing movies and photos with your family or friends is a pure delight.

The inside of the case also features an extra pocket for credit cards, business cards or banknotes.

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Gigaset Book Case (GS3)

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