Gigaset Smart Doorbell ONE X

Gigaset Smart Doorbell ONE X

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The smart doorbell from Gigaset keeps an eye on your front door even if you aren’t home.

The Gigaset Smart Doorbell shows you who is at your door even when you are on the go. It sends images and videos to your smartphone and you can even speak to your visitors directly.

  • Notifications are sent to your smartphone automatically if someone rings the bell or motion is detected
  • Real-time video in full HD
  • Encrypted HD video* starts recording as soon as motion is detected
  • Infra-red night vision up to 3 metres
  • Clear communication with the intercom
  • Choose from a selection of ringtones for your phone and door
  • Customisable camera motion detection
  • Connects directly to your old doorbell (battery-free operation!)
  • Compatible with all Gigaset Smart Home solutions
  • Various camera packages available

All about the Gigaset Smart Doorbell

Someone’s at the door! Never miss someone at your front door again with the Gigaset Smart Doorbell. But there’s more to this new Gigaset product than just a conventional doorbell: it sends images and video in HD quality to your smartphone and you can speak to the people at your door using the convenient built-in intercom. Even if you are out and about, you will receive a smartphone notification if someone approaches your front door or rings the bell. The Gigaset Smart Doorbell keeps an eye out at night too with night vision of up to 3 metres thanks to its built-in infra-red LEDs. It could not be easier to add this smart doorbell to your Gigaset Smart Home system either.

Stay involved: the smart doorbell for all phases of life

Who is at the door? Find out before even before you open it! 

  • Never miss the post or parcel courier again: you can rely on the Gigaset Smart Doorbell when you aren’t home or simply can’t come to the door. Simply speak to the courier through your smartphone and arrange delivery to a space place or a neighbour. This will spare you the arduous task of collecting your parcel!
  • A perfect host, even remotely – are you late? Or have your guests arrived too early? No problem thanks to the reliable Gigaset doorbell: simply welcome your guests using your smartphone. And you can even open the door for them if you combine the doorbell with a smart lock from Nuki.
  • Safety at a distance: the doorbell is a great help if someone rings the bell but you aren’t expecting visitors. It sees who is at the door and sends the live HD video to your smartphone. You can also keep unwanted guests away with the intercom, even if you are out and about.

Integrated: the doorbell is compatible with the Gigaset Smart Home world

This doorbell does more than just ring – it has all of the advantages of a smart doorbell. Although it can be used without the Gigaset Smart Home solution, connecting it unlocks its full potential. If you have connected your Gigaset plugs or Philips Hue lights to the Gigaset elements app, the lights will also turn on when the doorbell rings. Additionally, if you connect a Gigaset GO phone, you can even have it ring.**  Even Alexa will let you know if you have visitors at the door. If your smart home solution sends an alert, the smart doorbell doubles up as a surveillance camera and starts recording a video which it then stores securely. The Gigaset siren is also compatible with the doorbell so you can have the noise of the siren boost the doorbell’s acoustic signal significantly.

Customised: what Gigaset outdoor service package is right for me?

Is someone at the door? The smart doorbell keeps an eye out in combination with the Gigaset service packages. With the free Freemium package, you can view live video on your smartphone when the doorbell rings or something moves outside your door. A 30-second video is recorded if a potential break-in is detected. If you also want to record all front door activity and store the footage securely in the cloud for up to four weeks, our outdoor service packages are just the thing for you. All three packages include motion recording but differ in terms of the length of recording and duration of storage of the videos. You will not need another package if you already have a Gigaset outdoor camera and the related outdoor camera package. It’s easy to book the service packages in the Gigaset elements app.

Advice and installation: help setting up the smart doorbell

Black, sleek and discreet, the smart doorbell from Gigaset boasts an ultra-compact design and should be installed by an electrician. The Gigaset Smart Doorbell is positioned and connected in place of your old doorbell, so no additional power supply or battery is required. The doorbell is supplied with everything you need to install it safely and securely. Once the smart doorbell is installed, you can of course decide for yourself how you want to be notified when a visitor arrives: Different ring tones are available via telephone and doorbell.

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Our ONE X devices are equipped with the latest software and are therefore already prepared for future expansions. They are compatible with all existing Gigaset Smart Home devices.

* This feature is only available if you book a camera package.

** This connection requires a software update.

Technical details


General settings
Article name
Gigaset Smart Doorbell ONE X
General features
Frequency band
User Interface
Real-time video in full HD (1920x1080p), HD quality (1280x720p; cloud service required), field of view: H115°+5°, V57°+5°, Lens focal length: 3.0 mm +/- 5%, Lens size: 1/2.9"" TTL: 14.86 +/- 0.3 mm, infra-red night vision up to 3 metres
2.4 GHz Wi-Fi with at least 2 Mbit upload speed • Input voltage AC 8V ~ 24V / max. 15W of the existing doorbell
The free Gigaset elements app • Current version of iOS or Android
Delivery Scope
  • 1x Gigaset Smart Doorbell ONE X
  • 1x Wedge
  • 1x Security screwdriver
  • 1x Power kit adapter & adhesive dot
  • 1x Screws and wall plugs
  • 1x Drill guide
  • 1x Short operating manual
  • 1x Safety brochure

Dimensions and weight:

  • 135 x 47 x 28 mm (L x B x H)
  • 140 g


  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)


  • This product must be installed by an electrician. Please pass this important information on to your electrician. Detailed installation instructions and commissioning questions and answers can be found here.
  • This product can only be operated safely if the maximum output of the doorbell transformer is 15W or lower. Please select corresponding terminals on the existing doorbell transformer or exchange it for a suitable model.
  • Technical data of the doorbell transformer:
    • Output voltage: 8 – 24 V AC / Maximum output 15 W (corresponds to power source class PS1 from IEC 62368-1)
    • Certified under: IEC 61558-1 and IEC 61558-2-5.
  • This product must be installed under a roof or cover.

Weather resistance:

  • Weatherproof (IP55)
CE Certification
Power Supply
AC 8V ~ 24V / 9.6 W - max. 15W
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Gigaset Smart Doorbell ONE X

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