Gigaset alarm system M

Gigaset alarm system M

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The perfect security solution for single family homes and ground floor apartments.

With a door sensor and a motion sensor coupled with two window sensors, your home can feel safe and secure. You will be informed as soon as something is opened or someone moves in the room.

alarm system M

  • 1 base station base
  • 1 door sensor door (universal)
  • 1 motion sensor motion
  • 2 window sensors window (universal)
  • 1 siren siren

+ app + free cloud service


The Gigaset alarm system M:
better protected with additional window sensors.

Trust is good, control is better. Always keep an eye on your home with the Gigaset alarm system. The alarm system M is the ideal alarm system for ground-level apartments and single-family homes. In addition to the base station, base, the door sensor, door, the motion sensor, motion and the siren, siren, it also includes two window sensors, window. Is someone moving about inside the room, has the door been forced open or has someone opened the window? The individual sensors of the smart home system react immediately and the siren, siren, triggers an alarm effectively. A loud, deterring noise of 100 decibels rings out. The siren can be operated manually or via the Gigaset app. The alarm is disabled after 90 seconds or by input via the app.

Also included in the package are the base station, which connects the individual sensors to your smartphone, and the Gigaset app and the cloud service, which links your home to your smartphone. Are you looking for a smaller solution? Get informed about the Gigaset alarm system S (for smaller apartments on upper floors). Are you looking for an additional surveillance camera? Then read more about the Gigaset alarm system L (for larger apartments and houses).

Gigaset base

Connected base station

The base station forms the core of your Gigaset alarm system and is connected to your LAN. It connects the wireless sensors with the Gigaset app and the free cloud service. Up to 48 sensors can be connected to the base station.

Gigaset door

Who is at your door?

The door sensor indicates whether the door is open or closed. The sophisticated sensor technology can even tell the difference between a door being opened normally and a door being opened by force (kicked, or prised open with a crowbar). If the door is being opened by force, an alarm is triggered even if the system is not "armed".

Gigaset motion

Who is in your room?

The infrared motion detector can immediately detect when somebody is in your home. Small pets weighing up to around 25 kilograms will not trigger the detector. The motion detector sends the information securely to the Gigaset app on your smartphone.

Gigaset siren

Intruders? The siren will sound the alarm.

If a burglary is suspected, a 100-decibel alarm is sounded as a deterrent; you can switch off the alarm from your smartphone app. The siren is simply plugged into an electrical socket and connected wirelessly to your base station.

Gigaset window

Is someone opening your window, patio door or balcony door?

The Gigaset window sensor reliably informs you when windows, patio doors or balcony doors are opened or tilted. When alarm mode is active, you will receive information via the Gigaset app on your smartphone. Closed, open or tilted? The sensor knows the current status of your window, patio door or balcony door.

Easy to use and guaranteed reliability!

Gigaset elements app

The secure connection to your home

Do you want to know what is happening in your home at any given time?

Data security with Gigaset

Your personal data is safe with us

Data protection is our top priority. With three layers of protection, we take the security of your data seriously.

Added comfort with partner systems

Intelligently network the Gigaset alarm system with the language assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Home as well as the smart lighting system Philips Hue.

Technical details


Article name
Gigaset alarm system M
General features
DECT-ULE according ETSI TS 102 939-1
Standard CCM AES-128 for wireless DECT-ULE authentication and encryption
Frequency band
DECT 1880-1900 MHz
(R&TTE) Directive 1999/5/EC (Annex 5); Directive 2009/125/EC; Directive 2011/65/EU
Power supply base station: 230 V AC, 50 Hz; Power supply siren: 230 V AC, 50 Hz; Power supply sensors: 3 Volt CR123A lithium battery; Internet router with persistent internet connection
Smartphone with iOS7 or Android 4.0 and higher, free Gigaset app
Delivery Scope
  • 1x base station, base
  • 1x door sensor, door (universal)
  • 1x motion sensor, motion
  • 2x window sensor, window (universal)
  • 1x siren, siren
  • 1x Ethernet cable
  • 1x mains adapter
  • 4x 3 Volt CR123A lithium batteries
  • 8x adhesive strips
  • 4x wall holders
  • 2x foot
  • 1x quick-start guide
  • 1x safety brochure

Dimensions & Weight

  • base: 138 x 125 x 47 mm (H x W x D), 137 g
  • universal: 55 x 55 x 27 mm (H x W x D), 49 g (incl. battery)
  • motion: 98 x 66 x 33 mm (H x W x D 85 g (incl. battery)
  • siren: 59 x 59 x 80 mm (H x W x D), 72 g
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